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Silk Painting: Lizards in Love by Sulin Bell

Two Hearts-Four Hands Artwork

Everyone has a unique artist within. Some might say “Oh no, not me,” but having this concept is just a habit, a conditioned response. Truly I have not met anyone who, with some small amount of guidance, could not be an artist in the kitchen and present something healthy and beautiful to eat. To inspire this inner artistic nature each section in the first edition of Two Hearts Four Hands featured one of my original silk paintings.

If you are interested in seeing more of my silk art I welcome your visit to my website www.silknsoul.com where you can further explore my painting. I hope you enjoy them and that they help inspire the artistic beauty that exists within you.

Two Hearts-Four Hands Aprons & More

I am in the process of providing options for you to purchase aprons and other accessories for Cook One and Cook Two.