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The daughter of a Jewish grocer from the Bronx, I was born under the sun sign of Cancer—the great nourisher and earth mother. At an early age my mother convinced me to prepare the family meals since she worked alongside my father in the store each day. I was a gourmet cook by the time I was a teenager and, like my mother, I considered all food stores my personal domain.

I have worked for over thirty years as a caterer, teacher and nutrition counselor. On the East Coast I earned a B.A. in Education and an M.A. in Social Psychology. My studies expanded my views on the subject of nourishment, as did becoming a grandmother later on. I have continuously focused on developing and preparing nutritious meals at home and in my catering business and have always enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm for a healthy and delicious way of life.

When I relocated to northern California from New York in 1974, I founded Valley High Foods—a food manufacturing business—and a catering service called Delightful Desserts. At this time, I also set up a state certified non-profit organization that produced educational and cultural events in rural areas and I began teaching a course called "Expanding Food Awareness" at Mendocino College.

In 1990 I moved to Sonoma County where I helped establish Partners in Health, an alternative health clinic and nutrition school. There I practiced nutritional counseling and taught cooking classes. The clinic and school later expanded to become Bauman College and included a culinary program at which I was a guest teacher. Trained in metabolic testing and enzyme therapy by Dr. Howard Loomis, I offered that service at Partners in Health and at chiropractic offices in Sonoma County until moving back to Mendocino County in 1994.

In 1997 I created Kitchen Capers which caters retreats, meetings and special events for from ten to two-hundred people. I am currently working as a caterer, private chef and coach, and I also give talks and food demonstrations at various venues.

My cooking style is eclectic, encompassing regional and ethnic cuisines, vegetarian, vegan and special needs diets. I appreciate using local organic and seasonal foods when possible and enjoy offering beautiful, fresh and balanced meals that maximize taste and nutritional value.

My life as a silk artist began in 1994 and was inspired in part by the extraordinary beauty of the mountains of Mendocino county. Samples of my work can be seen at silknsoul.com. In addition to working with food and silk art, I have worked in a variety of other creative forms including as a ceramic sculpture artist on the East Coast and later on the West Coast creating, directing, performing and producing theater pieces and concerts. Having creative outlets has been an essential factor in maintaining my happiness and good health.

Throughout my childhood, my father would say, “The most important thing in life is health and love.” My desire to live this truth has motivated my life’s explorations and has inspired writing this book about making something good to eat with someone you care about.